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About us

About us

We are an integrated ferrous metals company, including the largest iron mining company in Chile and the largest producer of steel in Chile. We export iron pellets and other high – grade iron ore products, primarily to Asia, and we also supply long steel products, mainly to Chilean customers. In addition, we operate in other segments further down the value chain, such as our steel processing group, which manufactures, distributes, rents and sells finished steel and metal products, such as tubes, profiles, tubings, sheets, roofings, claddings and structural and infrastructural elements with innovative solutions and technical expertise. These products are used in multiple industries throughout the region, such as construction, mining, farming and energy. Finally, our business group also operates substantial infrastructure assets, such as a port, a power transmission line and a desalinization plant, which service the shipping and water needs of our own companies, in addition to those of non-related customers.

Our group is organized into four businesses: 

Compañía Minera del Pacífico S.A. (CMP)

 Compañía Minera del Pacífico S.A. (CMP), which owns and operates all of its iron ore mines and related processing facilities. It produces high – grade iron ore products, including pellets, pellet feed and sinter feed, in three different valleys of operation in the north of Chile, each one with its own logistics.

Compañía Siderúrgica Huachipato S.A. (CSH)

Compañía Siderúrgica Huachipato S.A. (CSH), which has its facilities in Talcahuano, Bio Bio region, in the south of Chile. CSH produces pig iron by reduction of ore in blast furnaces; it transforms this pig iron into liquid steel in the steel mill, from which it obtains continuous cast steel billets (semi-finished products), which it then rolls to provide the market with higher value-added products, such as bars for ore grinding, bars for reinforcing concrete and other long products.



CAP Steel Processing Group

CAP Steel Processing Group, which manufactures, distributes, rents and sells steel and metal products. CAP Steel Processing creates value-added solutions for the construction and infrastructure sectors in Chile, Peru and Argentina. The group manufactures and installs specialty steel products and sells its products through a broad distribution channel network, including main retail chains, construction companies, machine workshops and large customers in the mining, industrial, commercial and service sectors.

CAP Infrastructure

CAP Infrastructure, whose main purpose is to manage the infrastructure that support our mining operations while also serving non-related clients. CAP Infrastructure operates its business through our subsidiaries Cleanairtech Sudamérica S.A., Tecnocap S.A. and Puerto Las Losas S.A.



CAP Group is the leading producer of iron ore and pellet on the American Pacific Coast.
In Chile, it is the largest steel producer, the most important steel preocessing company, and the third port operator.


South america map

Cintac Peru

Cintac Group operates in Peru through Tupemesa and Calaminon.

CMP - Atacama Region

In the Atacama region, CMP has operations in the Huasco Valley and the Copiapó Valley. In the Huasco Valley, the operations CMP Pellet Plant, Guacolda II Port, Los Colorados Mine and El Algarrobo Mines are close to the cities of Huasco and Vallenar, while in the Copiapó Valley, the operations Magnetita Plant, Punta Totoralillo Port and Cerro Negro Norte Mine are close to the cities of Tierra Amarilla, Caldera and Copiapó, respectively.

CAP Infrastructure

The affiliate company CAP Infrastructure operates in the Atacama region, with a business that includes the desalinated water producer company Cleanairtech Sudamérica S.A., the electricity transmission company Tecnocap S.A.” for “the power transmission company Tecnocap S.A.

CMP - Coquimbo Region

CMP has its headquarters in the Coquimbo region. Additionally, its operations – El Romeral Mine and Guayacán Port – are close to the cities of La Serena and Coquimbo.


Since 1950, CSH is the largest steelmaker complex of Chile, located in Talcahuano, Bío-Bío region. It’s characterized by:

  • Being the only integrated steelmaking company in the country, manufacturing products from basic raw materials, guaranteeing high quality and purity.
  • Supplying mining, the metal mechanic industry and construction with long steel products.

Cintac Chile

Cintac Group operates in Chile through Cintac SAIC, Promet and Agrow SpA.


The headquarters of CAP Group, the main iron ore and pellets producer on the American Pacific coast, the largest steel producer in Chile and the most important steel processor in the Southern Cone, are located in Santiago, Chile


Argentine company focused on the production of constructive systems and integral solutions through the transformation of steel, accompanied by logistics services and innovation. It operates in two plants, in Buenos Aires and San Luis provinces.

Location of our Operations

  • Compañia Minera del Pacífico (CMP)
  • Companía Siderúrgica Huachipato (CSH)
  • CINTAC Group
  • TASA
  • Infrastructure
  • Headquarters